The Average WoWscape Player…is sadly misinformed.

I was taking a look at a blog which has sprung up with similar intentions to this blog. The link is War on World of Murlocs. Their first, and only blog entry is:

I guess its time to fight fire with fire I guess?

I say we just DDoS their sorry asses back into murky water!!

Who on our side do we have you ask?

Peyton’s 3 lawyers!

And her secret 4th lawyer, Johnny himself!

Clearly, while writing this blog, I’ve been under the false impression that the average WoWscape user was at least smart enough to bail ship when presented with the correct information.

The author of this blog is for starters, encouraging illegal attacks on a web server. That’s a crime, and there have been people arrested for this in the past. You are no better than the animal rights activists who raid scientist’s homes and destroy their property. You are a hypocrite.

Here’s another misinformed user, who goes by t0m0thy.

It sucks that it had to go this way. I think we, as a community, need to learn a little from this. Peyton, I know it blows to have so many people (Censored) at you over this, but you did the right thing yourself for helping them, and maybe Scape just isn’t mature enough to do it themselves yet.


Ok, so admittedly, the idea of helping out this family sounds very attractive morally. In fact, I wouldn’t mind lending them a hand myself. But the problem people have with Peyton isn’t a problem with maturity. If Peyton had at the very least informed the WoWscape players that she was going to be breaching the TOS they agreed to, this issue might not have as much merit. But even if she had, the agreement and pretext that most people donated under was that all donations go towards WoWscape’s server maintenance. Here’s why: how do we know Peyton actually donated this money back to the family? We don’t. WoWscape isn’t supposed to be a charity. If I were Peyton and I honestly wanted to help this family, I would’ve contacted the family and asked them to setup a PayPal account and informed them that I was instructing a large community of their situation and that we would try to help as much as possible.

The simple fact is: Peyton’s own facts don’t add up. She has spun a story full of so much lies that it’s getting hard to remember which lies she needs to remember in order not to contradict another lie. And it’s getting obvious.


My personal PayPal manager is going to call Silent’s father

Heyas everyone.. just to let you all know… The voting issue will be figured out soon. I have been on the phone this afternoon to paypal which was the method that was used to pay for the subscription to top100 to file a complaint. Luckily we have our very own manager there at paypal who handles all of our business and they have been given all contact info to get a hold of Silents parents to let them know what is going on. I think that his father being brought in on what is going on will help to stop the continuous bad choices that are being made. I am sorry that we are having temporary problems with this and I am trying to do what I can to rectify the situation for you guys. I have gotten all of your messages about being angry that your votes have been stolen and know that I am working on it as well as several other people.

Today’s Pinhead of the day is still Peyton. I was hoping to get an article in on Wolfy or any of the other GMs, but unfortunately, things didn’t work out. Don’t worry though, I’ll try to get to everyone.

First, let’s begin with the claim that WoWscape has their own personal PayPal agent. To resolve this, I gave the kind folks at PayPal a call. Since I have my own account and do business with them, I was able to get on the line with an agent fairly quickly and asked Maria up front whether it was possible for someone to have a personal manager at PayPal, who handled specifically issues with their account. Maria kindly informed me that PayPal offered no such service. So, part one here is debunked.

Next, we have the claim that a PayPal agent would call someone unrelated to the ownership of the account and talk to their parents and inform them of what their son has perportedly done. No. There are so many things wrong with that idea. Not only does it likely breach PayPal’s privacy policy, but it is a huge conflict of interest situation. Not only that, but it’s creepy. What evidence would PayPal even have if Peyton was telling the truth? (Which she isn’t.) So many things could potentially go wrong here, I can guarantee PayPal would NOT be giving parents a call to explain what their son has been doing. PayPal is a business, not a net nanny.


Let’s go to court, Peyton.

It recently occured to me that even if Peyton did bring Silent or the owner of xtremetop100 to Small Claims Court, she’d still lose. It’d be guaranteed, in fact.

You see, let’s review a little known fact to Peyton:

There are fees to bring a case to small claims court! In fact, those fees are $25 in the state of Texas. There’s also a minimum, I believe, but it’s hardly ever mentioned.

Let’s assume Peyton paid a whole year ($30) to xtremetop100, at least some of which was refunded when the top site information was changed. Let’s assume she paid $25 at the end, after refunds.

$25 – $25 = $0.

Wait a second! She’s effectively bringing him to court to make a net of $0. Way to fail IMO. I’m surprised her ace team of 3 lawyers didn’t point this out. Should’ve hired better lawyers with all that donation money.


Jason Reeves — superhero.

Last week, on Tuesday night, Jason was out fishing a tournament on Bob Sandlin Lake and ran across someone yelling for 911 help. He jumped out of the boat and swam over to an area where a bunch of people were gathered around. There was a 17 year old boy who had drowned. The crowd around him had frozen and didn’t know what to do. Jason having experience in life saving measures from Special Forces jumped in the middle and took over the situation. He gave people certain jobs to do and ran the group doing CPR on the boy. Though they tried for 45 minutes before the ambulance got there, they were not able to save him.

Ok, I’m trying to picture this in my mind. Jason, in a fishing boat, comes across someone yelling for 911 help. How he runs into a person on a lake yelling for 911 help, I have no idea. Then, he swims across a lake to get to the group of family and friends, who all apparently have no cell phone since they sent someone to run for 911.

Now, being the amazing superhero he is, after swimming across a lake, Jason immediately begins CPR or delegates CPR to the other people, who apparently had just been standing there like idiots.

And despite all of Jason’s heroic (quite literally, they could make a movie scene with this) actions, the boy, Eligio dies. And then, Peyton decides after hearing this story, to donate $2,500 to the family to bury the kid.

The news article at http://www.dailytribune.net/articles/2008/07/02/news/01.txt also has no mention of Jason’s heroics.

Ok, so after playing that through my mind, I just can’t quite put my finger on what’s wrong…


The Smell Test

As the honorable Judge Marilyn Milian would say on the People’s Court: some people just don’t pass the “smell test.” But just what is the smell test?

The smell test is basically the useage of common sense to tell if someone is running a scam or pulling your leg. Although Judge Milian does not go into detail about how to use this smell test, I will now do a demo of it on Peyton.

1. What does this person get out of running WoWscape?

She’s supposed to get absolutely nothing. Remember, WoWscape is supposed to be nonprofit. At the bottom of the donation page it says “all funds will go to WoWscape’s servers.” But when you handle hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s very easy to skim off a little.

2. What interest does this person have in the game?

None! Peyton is a 40-year-old woman who is running the largest private server for World of Warcraft in the world. If that doesn’t smell fishy, I don’t know what does.

3. Has this person abused funds before?

Quite possibly! We already know she has bought goods for Silent, the co-founder. If she’s willing to do it for him, who says she’s not willing to do it for herself?

4. Does this person’s word mean anything?

Apparently not. http://wowscaped.net/

5. Does this person have a history of threats?

You sure bet. From my previous post about the owner of XtremeTop100.com being threatened, to the honorable admins at World of Murlocs, to even her former web designer at WoWscaped.net–even Clandestine! Too bad in none of these cases has anything ever been done.

6. Is this person willing to add some kind of internal review?

Peyton will not step down as CEO of WoWscape, even temporarily. The best move for her would’ve been to give control of the PayPal to someone like Burlex, who then could’ve verified that there was no ridiculous charges. I take that back though, Burlex is spineless.

So there you have it folks, the smell test at work on Peyton. I’d say she stinks.


Hi, SaadsDad. Your son has been up to quite a lot…

Now here’s something that ticks me off about Peyton. She acts like a parent in her announcements, especially in regards to Silent.

In one of her latest posts, she claims that she is going to be calling Silent’s father and explaining the situations and “bad choices” Silent has been involved in.

My question, if I were Silent’s father would be: “Who the hell are you, and why are you trying to tell me how to raise my kid?”

Seriously. If I were him, I’d call the cops.

Not only that, but her entire argument is ludicrous. Silent, when he founded WoWscape, paid the original $15 fee and owned the account. He is entirely in his rights to revoke it. Even the owner of xtremetop100 stated this, as you can see below. And then, Peyton threatened HIM with legal action!

Yet another potential ally Peyton has scared away with her bright legal team.


The IRS is serious business.

As everyone knows from Peyton’s numerous announcements, Peyton has a tendency to rely on the law of the land to protect herself against all sorts of threats.

Most recently, she has threatened to report Silent, the former founder of WoWscape, to the IRS for tax evasion on the brief time he handled the PayPal funds.

Curious, I decided to investigate if WoWscape was paying it’s taxes. All corporations in the United States have their tax filings public. Since we know that Alyson Reeves, the now owner, and purported owner and CEO of the WoWscape corporation, lives in Texas, we decided to check the government records there.

We found this website: http://ecpa.cpa.state.tx.us/coa/Index.html. And then the fun began, we began by searching for WoWscape, Reeves, Rohrs, Alyson, and all sorts of combinations, but we couldn’t find anything!

But, in about 5 seconds, we managed to find a reputable company, SoftLayer, so clearly the site is working!

So there you have it. How about we report Alyson Reeves to the IRS instead, eh?

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